Little Update

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update about my blog. On here I’ll be posting about Russia, language learning and the Russian language.

For those learning Russian, I have a weekly challenge, which will include tasks like watching a short video that I’ve made, and answering questions. I’ll also post 2 – 3 activities a week, which will include a link to an article (in Russian), some useful vocabulary from the article, and some questions about it.

In addition, on my Facebook page I’ll post a link every day to a small, light article, or some video, to help you do something in Russian every day! I have also created a post with resources that can help you do this too – I’ll keep updating it as I come across other websites/ideas 🙂

If you have any other suggestions or requests, please send me a message! I am also a teacher, so if you’d like to learn or improve your Russian, feel free to write to me on iTalki.

Currently, I am working on:

  • Making a playlist with different types of music on a service like Spotify
  • Creating vlogs (video blogs) in Russian for my students, as well as about life in Australia.

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