Using Translators

There are many different apps, extensions for browsers like chrome and firefox, and websites that can be used to translate text. In a later article, I’ll write about how I think it is best to read in a foreign language, and what to do when you meet an unknown word or phrase. In this post, I will give some suggestions as to which translators/apps etc. work best.

Firstly, it depends on the device and web browser you are using. For android and iPhones, as well as any browser, I suggest using Lingvo Live. I especially like that it has a section with examples and collocations! This is perfect for fully understanding the meaning of a word.

However, if you are just reading an article in your web browser and want to quickly understand the sense of a word, there are other options. You can use various extensions that allow you to get a translation immediately, simply by highlighting the word or phrase. I find this very useful, as I don’t always feel like copying and pasting a word to a translating, and reading all the various possible translations. Here are some examples:

  • Google translate for chrome – Simply highlight the word and press the little translate symbol
  • An add on called “Google translator” for safari, opera, firefox.

In addition, the google translate app for phones can now translate text in photos, which helps if you are travelling and want to read a menu or street sign.

Despite being useful when reading texts, don’t rely on google translate for your important documents!



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