Virtual Museums – Искусство, История и Места

I recently discovered this app by google, which allows you to learn about artwork (искусство) and take virtual tours of museums (музеи) and landmarks.

Here is an article about it on the Russian Lifehacker website. Here is some vocabulary to help you as you read through it:

  • Приложение – App
  • Установка – Installation
  • Известно – it’s known
  • Знаменитый – famous
  • Качество – quality
  • Высококачественный – High quality (Высокий – Tall/High)
  • Использовать – To use
  • Подборки – Collections
  • Пригодиться – to be useful
  • Хотя бы – at least

There are also some interesting cognates (words that sound the same in English. E.g. Босс = boss). Can you spot them in the article?


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