Russian greetings

When you get the idea of learning a foreign language (Russian or else), what do you start with? The most obvious answer would be greetings. It’s an important part of establishing the positive contact with new people, and, like it or not, but first impressions do matter. In order to give an impression of a bright and educated person, it’s vital to know about the way Russians greet each other. In other words, you must know how to say “hi” without making a funny mistake.
Здравствуйте” – pronounced “zdrastvuyte” – is the most common way to greet a new person. “Здравствуйте” means “hello” and is quite different from its informal sibling “привет“/”privet“, which is used by friends. If you say “привет” to a person much older than you, or merely to a stranger, you most likely will be considered rude. Usually it depends on a person’s sense of humour. Anyway, you can always take a risk and see what happens :).
Other technicalities are no different from any other civilized country: keep eye contact (without being too intense), smile and work your charms. Always works for me. 😉


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